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Upscale Your Conscious Cleaners - Premier Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services in San Diego


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Residential Cleaning

  • House Cleaning Services in San Diego

  • Customized Services

  • Luxury Cleaning


Commercial Cleaning

  • Yoga and Pilates Studios

  • Wellness Lounges

  • Spiritual Centers

  • Offices

  • Spas



Specialized Services

  • Attention to Detail

  • Energy Cleansing

  • Deep Cleaning




Eco-Friendly Approach

  • Energy-Efficient Equipment

  • Green Cleaning Products

  • Sustainable Practices


Trained & Professional Staff

  • Expertise in House Cleaning in San Diego

  • Continuous Training Programs

  • Certified in Holistic Cleaning


Customized Cleaning Plans

  • Personalized Service

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Competitive Pricing



I couldn’t be more thrilled to share my incredible experience with Your Conscious Cleaners! Their holistic approach to cleaning has truly transformed my home and brought positive energy into my life. From the moment I contacted Your Conscious Cleaners, their team displayed an exceptional level of professionalism and genuine care. They made sure to understand my family’s needs and created a personalized cleaning plan that exceeded all expectations.

—  Sammatha (Business Owner)

  • Why Should I Choose Your Conscious Cleaners?
    YCC lovingly provides a healthy, holistic service that is safe AND effective. We protect the well-being of your family, pets, home, and the environment by using natural cleaners, chemical-free sanitation mops, and true HEPA vacuums. We are especially unique in that our exceptionally trustworthy and conscientious certified cleaning professionals also perform an energy cleanse on your home. You’ll return to a clean, safe, serene, home.
  • What is Involved with the Energy Cleanse and the Home Kit?
    Our 5 Element Cleansing Kit (air, fire, earth, sound, and water) is used to uplift and balance the energy and vibrations in your home by removing unhealthy energies and bringing in happy peaceful ones. Our kit is stored in your home, so you can use it also.
  • What is the Cost for Your Conscious Cleaners to Clean My Home?
    Many factors determine what level of cleaning will suit your needs. To receive a personalized quote, please click “Book A Consultaion” and complete the information. If you prefer to discuss this with us directly, we invite you to give us a call. 619-788-6764
  • How Do I Pay for My Service?
    Payment is via credit card on our automatic booking platform, or over the phone if you book through a consultation. For ongoing services your payment will be processed on the 1st of every month before your service. You also have the option to set up a direct deposit.
  • Do You Offer Any Discounts?
    YES! We have a wonderful referral program. For every person (no limitations) you refer that receives a service, you both will receive $50 off. Please let us know if you would like (optional) referral cards. We thank you in advance for this kind gesture. Also, if you book ongoing services with us you can receive up to 30% off.
  • Could My Monthly Price Ever Change?
    YCC requires a quarterly check-in to evaluate your service and make necessary changes to pricing or schedules. We do this via an in-person check-up with one of our cleaning specialists, a questionnaire emailed to the customer, and a time management review of the cleaning of their home.
  • Are You Insured and Bonded?
    Yes we are. Also, our in-house trained and certified cleaning professionals were thoroughly vetted before hiring.
  • Do I Need to Provide Anything for my House Cleaning?
    No, YCC provides everything needed for our holistic cleaning specialists to completely clean and energy cleanse your home.
  • What Are the Cleaning Products and Equipment Your Conscious Cleaners Uses?
    - Shark Rocket Upright Vacuum w/ DuoClean Technology HV380 with HEPA filtration - Shark - Professional Electronic Steam Pocket Mop - Our very own hand made Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning Products - Thieves Essential Oil Cleaner ​ - Bon Ami - Bio Clean Check out our Blog to learn about the amazing products and equipment we use:
  • Will You Use My Cleaning Supplies if I Prefer Them?
    Yes, please provide instructions and we’ll be happy to use your supplies or equipment.
  • Is There Anything I Need to Do on the Day of the Cleaning?
    To make your service more efficient, we ask you to have clothes, toys, dishes, and other household items picked up before your Holistic Cleansing Specialist arrives, unless you specifically request that we do the "tidying up/dishes.”
  • Do I Need to Be Home When the Cleaners Arrive?
    No, many of our customers are not. Please be sure to leave accurate instructions so we can access your home and not waste your valuable cleaning time.
  • Do You Offer Add-ons to Your Regular Service?
    Yes, to be as full service as possible, for a fee, we can also clean blinds, windows, carpets, and inside the fridge, do dishes, vacuum furniture, and many others. For a full list, please view our services page:
  • Can You Clean Build-up of Mold or Hard Water Stains?
    We will make every effort to remove these stains. But if it’s not possible, we’ll offer to set up a special treatment service at a separate charge. This is not typical, but can occur when regular maintenance has not been implemented.
  • What if I Need to Reschedule or Cancel My Service?
    To best serve you and our other clients, and allow time to coordinate our cleaners, we require at least 72 hours notice to reschedule your service. If notice is less than 24 hours, a $20 fee will be charged. If the cleaner arrives and they are unable to enter your home, or you require a last-minute cancellation, a $35 fee will be charged. For ongoing services, we charge on the 1st of every month before your service. In order to accommodate any changes in your schedule, we encourage rescheduling rather than canceling, as this helps avoid any additional fees. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • Why Don’t We Offer Vacancy Services?
    We specialize in boutique cleaning services, and we typically only offer vacancy services to our ongoing clients. However, if you plan to receive ongoing services from us and require a vacancy service before moving into your new home, we would be delighted to make arrangements for you.
  • Are You Open on Holidays?
    Our staff and cleaners do not work on these federal holidays: New Year's Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.
  • What if I Was Not Happy with My Service?
    ​Our holistic cleansing specialists are trained to perform a highly detailed cleaning plan. If you're dissatisfied, advise us within 24 hours and we will gladly return and give extra attention to the desired area. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • What if Something is Damaged by Your Conscious Cleaners During a Service?
    We understand that accidents can happen. If something is damaged, YCC will respectively resolve the issue in a timely manner.
  • What if We Have a Camera in Our Home?
    For the security of our staff and their extended families and/or relationships, you are required by California law to disclose the presence of surveillance.
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Phone Number: 619-788-6764


Business Hours: Mon-Sun 8am-8pm 

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