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Rachael Lizzet


Beyond just a clean home.


Your Conscious Cleaners was founded by CEO, Rachael Lizzet, with a vision to merge the cleaning and holistic industry. Rachael saw an enormous benefit to focusing on both the cleanliness of your home and your wellbeing. Surrounded by like-minded people with experience and interest in energy work, meditation, yoga, and Feng Shui, she started her first cleaning crew in 2014. Rachael also developed a line of plant-based, eco-friendly products (used at every cleaning), to protect your home, family and the environment.


Throughout the years, Your Conscious Cleaners has grown into a trusted, upscale, holistic cleaning service in San Diego. They have been featured on 10News - ABC San Diego KGTV and are highly rated on Yelp, Google and Facebook.


Your Conscious Cleaners also actively supports and contributes to nonprofits that focus on improving and developing mental health.



To transform your home into a sanctuary by providing upscale, eco-friendly, holistic cleaning
services and products that support your well-being and the environment.


A healthier and cleaner world starts at home.
Our vision is to revolutionize the cleaning industry while bringing awareness to the
importance of the health within you and around you.
Our intention is to create a community of people that inspire each other towards
peace, kindness and higher awareness.


Your Conscious Cleaners is not just about cleaning. We also aim to serve humanity.

Every time you use our service, funds will be donated to 42 Strong, an agency that provides peer-to-peer mentoring for students. This mentoring provides a better future for students by developing a greater sense of purpose, community, and resilience. It involves a trusting relationship that connects young students with experienced older students who offer guidance and encouragement.

Youth development research shows that quality mentoring relationships positively affect youth’s educational and personal situations, especially if they face an opportunity gap. Peers understand one another's experiences and provide support as they process and solve problems.

I started YCC to help uplift people and bring happiness to their lives and homes. My purpose was to provide conscious cleaning and help others by donating part of the proceeds. This creates a community that inspires each other towards peace, kindness, and higher awareness. Friendship, love, community building, and being a part of something bigger than yourself matters. If you want to help, feel free to donate directly to 42 Strong, an agency that does great things for students.

Why Choose Your Conscious Cleaners?

Eco-Friendly Commitment: We are your go-to choice for eco-friendly cleaning services in San Diego. Our promise to use non-toxic, environmentally safe products not only ensures a healthier home for you but also contributes to a cleaner world.


Expert Team: Our cleaning experts are passionate advocates for sustainable cleaning. They bring unmatched expertise and care to every task, making your home shine without hurting the environment.


Tailored Services: Understanding that each home has its unique character, we offer personalized cleaning solutions. Our approach ensures that your specific needs are met, giving a cleaning experience that's as special as your home.

Trustworthy Reputation: In San Diego, our name resonates with reliability and professionalism. We're proud of our track record of satisfied customers, which speaks to the transparency and excellence you’ll find in all our cleaning services.

What Sets Our Cleaning Services in San Diego Apart?

Green Cleaning Excellence: While others may talk about eco-friendliness, we live it every day. Our core service is built around non-toxic products and sustainable methods, setting us apart as leaders in the green cleaning movement in San Diego.


Quality Assurance: We don't just clean; we ensure excellence. Our strict quality control measures and thorough inspections guarantee your satisfaction after every cleaning session.


Community Involvement: Our commitment extends beyond homes to the San Diego community. By actively participating in local initiatives, we contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment for all.


Competitive Pricing: We believe eco-friendly cleaning should be accessible to everyone. Our pricing makes sure you don't have to choose between top-notch service and affordability.


Join us as we move towards a greener future. Learn more about our cleaning services in San Diego and our commitment to the planet at Your Conscious Cleaners


Let's make San Diego cleaner, one home at a time.

Our Team
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