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Client Experiences with Your Conscious Cleaning: An Inside Look

At Your Conscious Cleaners, we take immense pride in our holistic approach to cleaning, and we are thrilled to share some heartwarming reviews from our valued clients. Our commitment to excellence, eco-friendly practices, and attention to detail have made us a trusted partner in creating cleaner, healthier, and more harmonious living spaces. Let's dive into what our clients have to say about their experiences:

"We just got our first cleaning from these guys and they were amazing. The price was better than I'd found with our last cleaners, and Nate was great. We're looking forward to having these guys as our new regular house cleaners."

Gino A.

"Conscious cleaners were great. They cleaned the house thoroughly and with great care. The house smelled clean, but not chemically, and the cleaner was very pleasant. Thank you!"

Caroline D.

"Excellent cleaning products and services! I used their essential oil cleaning products and booked a deep house cleaning appointment with them and was very impressed. I love that they use eco-friendly products and also offer a 5 Element Cleaning process, including sage smudging. Beautiful people run this business!"

Emily S.

"This was my first time with a cleaning service. I know what they are supposed to do but damn if it wasn't worth it. I have a family of 4 with 4 dogs. We are all really busy and way too tired to clean deeply. Ok, I am. The rest of my family, I think they fake it really well. Oh well. The short of it is all of the deep cleaning that I needed done has been done. The house looks great, and I couldn't be happier."

Halima S.

"This is a unique cleaning service that also provides a spiritual cleansing of your home. They use natural cleaning products, are very thorough, and have been great! I love the way my house smells afterward :)"

Brandy M.

"Olga was terrific. Her work was quality, and she worked quickly. It was clear she listened and cared about the details. The spiritual cleansing with the Frankincense incense and homemade candle was a nice touch."

Stephanie B.

"This is a pricey endeavor, but if you are looking for a VERY thorough cleaning, this is your best bet. Baseboards, cabinets, vents... all of the spots that other cleaners neglect are fully detailed. I don't know that I would use them every time, but for an impeccable spring cleaning, you can't beat it!"

Kenneth H

"Rachael is a beautiful soul that is respectful and thoughtful. My initial attraction to this company was the energy cleansing. She uses all-natural cleaning products and is very accommodating."

Nichole W.

"Friendly, professional, timely, and respectful are only a few words that portray how I felt about my initial cleaning service. I bought the 4-hour Groupon, and they stayed all of that and more to make sure my house was spotless and to my 100% satisfaction. I really enjoyed the energy cleansing ritual as I love the smell of frankincense and its cleansing power. I will definitely be using their service again!!"

Polly V.

"It's hard to find reliable, thorough, and personable cleaners. So much so, that it's been years since I had regular service. But that has changed now that I've met Rachael and Matt. They're professional, thorough, and personable. It's one thing I can mark off my list, knowing that my house will always be clean under their care."

Susan G.

"If you want thorough, reliable, personal, and eco-friendly cleaning, YCC is the right choice. After they cleaned our house last week, I felt happy knowing my house was clean and there was no harm to the environment from toxic cleaners and paper products. It's also great to know my baby is safe from harmful chemicals. I am already booking with them to set up a regular schedule!"

Jessie S.

"YCC is such an amazing cleaning company! I love how they take their time and pay attention to the details in my home! Also, I love the homage holistic cleaning supplies that are baby and pet safe!"

Tesha B.

"YCC was thorough and used amazing house-made natural cleaning products. They not only clean but aim to improve the overall energy of the space they clean. A very unique service!"

Andrea K.

"Rachel is the best! I have used her for 5 years and cannot say enough about how impressed I am with her cleaning knowledge and abilities. Rachel understands that people sometimes need things done in a certain way, and she always respects the way that you want to do work in your house. She really cares and it shows. And she wants you to love your house!"

Heidi S.

"The best cleaning we ever had! What a great experience. They went beyond our expectations, due to their attention to detail. We are using their service again.”

Jerry & Stephanie

"Your Conscious Cleaners offered great service. They were prompt and provided a great cleaning. Our home had a great natural smell and a clean feel afterward”

Rebecca L.

"They contacted us the night before to confirm the appointment.

They texted to let us know they were on their way.

The communication they have with their clients is superb.

They are very trustful people and we felt comfortable leaving our place to let them do their job.

They use organic cleaners so that is nice.

At the end if the cleaning they used sage and Bell ringing to bring our place back to Harmony.

I highly recommend Conscious Cleaners for their customer service and professionalism!"

Dan W.

"Let me start by saying that I'm not a big "energy person", so my five-star review is solely based on the job Your Conscious Cleaners did on cleaning my apartment. When Nathan arrived, he asked what my concerns were: floors and baseboards. He assured me that he would address these concerns. Not only were my baseboard floors spotless, but so was the rest of my apartment. I cleaned my apartment 2 X per week, but I was still able to notice the difference in the deep cleaning that Nathan did.

Justin M.

"The service took approximately 5 hours. I have a ~1300 sqft 2 bed, 2 bath apartment, so that was expected".

"I would highly recommend Your Conscious Cleaners for regular cleaning, occasional deep cleaning, or move-in/move-out cleaning. They did a great job."

Your Conscious Cleaners have been a part of my home care system for the last three years. Before finding them, we were hopping around services, never finding one we loved. That changed when we met Rachael and her team. Not only do they use stellar, non-toxic products and techniques, the team brings real love and positive energy to the work. My husband and I feel like we have a support system for keeping our home beautiful and the friends we see monthly!

Lauren K.

I used their service as a new customer and I would highly recommend their service to anyone who is looking for a cleaning service that would create a clean and positive atmosphere at home. This was my very first time calling the cleaning crew to help clean up the house and I think that they did a fantastic job. I will definitely utilize their services again soon.

Bharath B.

"Allie and Matt were very responsive, kind, and thorough in my cleaning! They have incredible energy and they called me in advance to tell me exactly what time frame they were going to arrive at my place for my cleaning. RUN DON'T WALK in trying this fabulous business out; you will not be disappointed!

I booked THREE different appointments with three different cleaning services and NEITHER of them showed up! They never returned my calls, texts or emails but everything happens for a reason! I'm so blessed and grateful to have found Your Conscious Cleaners! THANK YOU AND NAMASTE ALLIE AND MATT for your wonderful work in my apartment!"

Scherri M.

Coming home after a long day of work to a spotless home is the best feeling. When I entered my place, the first thing I noticed was the amazing smell and a sense of calmness. My floors have a significant amount of pet hair since I have a long-haired cat, and they were clean and spotless. Both of my bathrooms were perfect, they even neatly folded my towels! I loved my cleansing gift as well, awesome touch! So impressed with their work, will definitely refer friends!

Matt K.

"I have used the services of Your Conscious Cleaners for years. They are efficient and very thorough. I've used their services through several properties and am always impressed. There's no better feeling than walking into a freshly cleaned home and that's what you'll always get with Your Conscious Cleaners. -

James R.

"I've contacted Rachel directly when I've had emergency situations and she always makes it happen. I cannot recommend the service this company provides enough."

My husband actually suggested we look into this company because he knew it would make my hippy heart happy and he was right! Previously we had a service come once/month for about a year until COVID hit so we went back to not having help for a year and I missed it! It's tough for me to justify the expense of hiring housekeeping help but with my husband traveling so much for work, after our third kiddo was born I surrendered and it's so worth it! Plus now I feel good knowing that my house isn't doused in chemicals to get help with my least favorite tasks (floors and bathrooms haha). Conscious cleaners have relieved so much stress and their seasonal gift packages are always something I look forward to. They go above and beyond with details and service and I'm so thankful for this nontoxic option.

Cassandra T.

"Very happy with this regular service. They do a great job and most of all I appreciate the communication and heart within this business."

Elise M.

"The Team did a great job!"


Positive: Professionalism

"We absolutely love our services! Our home is pristine when we get home and the energy feels light and pure! So much better than the last cleaners we used! Their holistic aspect is so unique and we noticed the change in energy right away, I’m actually sleeping better at night. Can’t recommend them enough. Rachael the owner is so kind and helpful and their team of cleaners are just the sweetest gals! I REALLY cannot recommend them enough to anyone who wants a different kind of cleaning experience.


"Rachael and her team are amazing! We recently had our home cleaned by them and have never been happier with a cleaning company. I love that she started out with a call to go over specifics of things we did or did not want done. The fact that she offers so many add-ons and it’s discussed up front was great. You don’t always know how thorough of a cleaning you’re going to get when a new company shows up, but with them, we know exactly what to expect. When the ladies showed up they also did a walk-through with me and made sure they knew exactly what I’d requested and if I had any special needs in specific areas. I left while they cleaned and arrived home to a beautiful, spotless house. We couldn’t be happier with the results! Not only is our house the cleanest it’s ever been, but the whole team was so professional, friendly, and just overall a pleasure to work with. 10/10 recommend!"

Brynn Dubensky

"Your conscious cleaners were not only a great experience and deep cleaning of our house, but our family was beyond grateful for the professional and responsive nature of the cleaners. The cleansing of the house at the end was also the best touch and left our home feeling and smelling so amazing! We also got a follow-up present for our family which brought us so much joy for the above and beyond service that I am so grateful we found them. Would 10/10 recommend them for all your home cleaning needs!

Hannah Bilawa

"Thanks Melanie and Reyna for your hard work! You did an awesome job"

Ninette Sanders

"I feel so lucky to have found this company. We just moved into our new apartment and although they had it cleaned prior to moving in, it still didn’t feel clean. Two people came from this company and they made it sparkle, and smell good and it felt just so fresh inside. They are skilled and kind and truly care about their work and satisfaction. I can’t wait for them to come again and I look forward to telling my friends about them.

Elizabeth H.

"I was impressed by the responsiveness of Rachel in explaining the service I requested and keeping me informed in the process. Melissa and Susan arrived at the agreed-upon time, were friendly, and worked quietly and efficiently. They were helpful in educating me on the eco-friendly products that they used to clean. I was pleased with the outcome and have recommended the company to others.

Pam Ross

"Been very happy with my service and quality for over a year. keep up the good work, YCC!"

Shaylin Lara

"Your Conscious Cleaners has been a part of my home care system for the last three years. Before finding them, we were hopping around services, never finding one we loved. That changed when we met Rachael and her team. Not only do they use stellar, nontoxic products and techniques, but the team brings real love and positive energy to the work. My husband and I feel like we have a support system for keeping our home beautiful and the friends we see monthly!"

Lauren Kraft

"A first time ever review of anything but really wanted to share this experience. I manage a veterans organization in San Diego and with all the virus concerns wanted to step up our cleaning protocols for our membership. I was a little concerned over a commercial service due to harsh cleaning products that have in the past proved to be irritants to some of our older members, whether it was skin irritants or respiratory issues, and I found this company... I'll put aside how personable and funny Lisa was (also on time with a text telling me who she was and she was on her way) and very respectful, but the products used were eco-friendly, and wouldn't have any adverse effects on our members, which some have difficult issues due to either age, skin reactions or respiratory problems, which I need to be aware of managing an organization that caters to people other than just my concerns.

I never thought I would find a company that could help us out since we all are looking for a cleaner more sanitary area to live in and socialize in as well but here it is!!! I highly recommend this company to anyone but ESPECIALLY to veteran organizations looking for a healthy clean alternative to the other cleaning companies that pour bleach over everything and tell you the smell will go away in time! Thank you for an incredible experience and a healthy, clean, and sanitized alternative for our members!!!!

Leonardo Guccione

"Great service and excellent experience again. Thank you!"

Hannah Bilawa

"Rachel is an amazing housecleaner! She is timely, dedicated, efficient, and respectful. I have been using Rachel for almost 5 years now and she has always worked so hard to make my house beautiful as possible. I’m not always easy when it comes to cleaning systems or what’s going on in my house and I’m very, Very particular about how things are cleaned where they are placed, and what gets used in my house!

Rachel has always done an amazing job, using eco-products to make the house so clean. Her years of experience definitely show through."

Heidi Skinner

Amazing Staff!! I am so happy with the results!! Would recommend them to anyone!

Mary Kiras

"I have used the services of Your Conscious Cleaners for years. They are efficient and very thorough. I've used their services through several properties and am always impressed. There's no better feeling than walking into a freshly cleaned home and that's what you'll always get with Your Conscious Cleaners.

I've contacted Rachel directly when I've had emergency situations and she always makes it happen. I cannot recommend the service this company provides enough.

James Reed

"After searching high and low for a cleaning company that fit our needs with no success, I came by Your Conscious Cleaners by luck and they were everything I was looking for! So glad that we found a cleaning company that doesn't use all the traditional chemicals and instead uses nontoxic products. The service was great and our house was left sparkly clean and fresh! Thank you, Allie and Your Conscious Cleaners!

Michelle Rodas

"Cyria and Melanie provided excellent service!! Thank you"

Mary Ann

"Your Conscious Cleaners were kind and quick when it came to cleaning our home. I wouldn't recommend them for an intense deep clean, but they are great for scheduled home upkeep. They left our home with great energy too."


They're awesome. Rachael is super responsive and cares about her job, which definitely shows. She's willing to work with you and give you an amazing end result while doing it sustainably - very hard to come by!

Paige Koehle

Allie and YCC are the best! There is always such care, love, and attention to detail every time they come. I love how conscious they are of their products and energy and I tell all my friends about them! Thank you, YCC!"

Dr. Rose Schlaff, DPT, WHC, IF

"Everything is nice and clean! Gals are always friendly and kind. Thank you!"

Adriana Molina

"I highly recommend this company for its professionalism, courtesy, organic cleaning products, trustworthiness, and follow up.

They are true professionals at their craft and do an outstanding job. Will use in the future and highly recommend to anyone!"

DR Weave

"They did a wonderful job and I loved the feeling of my house when they were done. I definitely recommend them!"

Anne Denmon

"Best service, great vibe when I got home. Love the eco-friendly products, great for my allergies and asthma(no chemicals) friendly, trustworthy, and efficient! I highly recommend Your Conscious Cleaners!"

Lucas Widdes

"I've been using this company for about a year and could not be any happier with them!! I was always one of those people who never thought I could trust or feel comfortable with someone cleaning my house, but the wonderful people who work with YCC make you feel nothing but comfort, serenity, and care. I highly recommend them and love that they use all eco-friendly products. They show such care and detailed work every time and when you walk into your home you can feel the calmness in the air! YCC deserves more than 5 stars 😉"

Ashley Garcia

"What great service! Every nook and cranny shines and even our old cat doesn't object to Monica's gentle, efficient ways with eco-friendly products. Don't wait; get cleaning and cleansing from YCC soon. You won't regret it."

Anita Tuchrello

"They came to my house to help me with some pre-moving cleaning. Once they left everything was clean, in order, and smelled welcoming! No harsh fumes due to the eco-friendly cleaners they use! Definitely recommend them!"

Cara Harrell

"Your Conscious Cleaners are reliable and thorough. They clean your house as if it were their own, with care and consideration. I'm happy to finally have a service I can depend on!"

Su Guillory

"The best cleaners you will ever use!"

Elena Widdes

"Wonderful ownership, down-to-earth, honest, professional, and extremely eco-friendly. Conscious cleaner's services are thorough every time and do more than expected. Animal friendly too!"

Sabra Rechelle

"I love everything about Your Conscious Cleaners business model. Communication is stellar, their service is top notch and I love how they also clean the energy of the house"

Hannah Bilawa

"They did an outstanding job! My house looks amazing."

Melanie Delgado

"I really appreciate that they showed up on time and were very efficient and organized in their approach to cleaning our condo. Thank you!"

Ninette Sanders

Hello Rachael.

I have been wanting to tell you that Reyna who was training with Melanie at my house two weeks ago really impressed me. She pointed out something that needed a deeper cleaning and took the initiative to do it.

Also, Mandi with Susan for my quarterly clean was also impressive. She was able to lift and move my sofa and clean it.

Sandra Reibman

"Very happy with the service and friendliness of the team."

Adrina Molina

I was looking for a cleaning company that used natural cleaning products for my home and Conscious Cleaners provided that and so much more. Everything from their discovery call to their incredibly detailed service at my home was professional and impressive. Their unique sound healing and reiki services only enhanced the positive energy that the expert cleaners already provided when they entered my home. They were great with my super friendly dog and were so kind to my toddler. I was really only planning on using this service for a one-time deal but they did such a spectacular job that we had to make Conscious Cleaners our primary cleaning service. The price is also fair considering the time and care they take with each room of the house. Highly recommended!

Cleo de la Torre

"My team did a fantastic job today on the quarterly deep clean - WAY over and above expectations. They truly were wonderful. I am grateful."

Sandra Reibman

"Thank you, Greg & Lori! Great and thorough cleaning for your first time in our condo. We appreciate your hard work!!"

Ninette Sanders

"House always looks immaculate and smells nice. Always happy with the service. Also, Might it be possible to dry the marble flooring with a cloth after the mopping? It leaves dry streaks otherwise. Thank you."

Adriana Molina

"Always exciting to have the team come and be amazed at how clean and clear the home feels afterward each time. Thank you"

Hannah Bilawa

They do an amazing job and we love that they use non-toxic cleaning products! Highly recommend!!

Kyle Winnick

These heartfelt reviews from our clients are a testament to the transformative cleaning experience we offer at Your Conscious Cleaners. We are dedicated to providing eco-friendly, thorough, and caring cleaning services that make your home a cleaner, healthier, and more harmonious place. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Ready to experience the difference with holistic cleaning? Contact Your Conscious Cleaners today at 619-788-6764 or visit our website at to schedule a cleaning consultation. Let us uplift your spirit and improve your overall quality of life with our holistic cleaning services.

Cleaning Company San Diego

"Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct; they are matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste for them." - Benjamin Disraeli

Looking forward to serving you and your beautiful home.

Many Blessings,

Your Conscious Cleaners🍃✨🤍✨🍃


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