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A Deep Clean For Your Home Should Go Much Deeper Than You Think

Deep Clean

Do you want to know the best way to clean your home, which will also change your life?

My name is Rachael, owner of Your Conscious Cleaners. We have a way to clean that is so powerful and unique - truly like no other. And today, I'm going to share my secrets.

Below I'll be covering our secrets on, "How to Clean". It sounds simple, but it's truly more powerful than you think. You'll learn what products to use, how to go even deeper when cleaning your home, and my best tips & techniques.


This one is easy - eco-friendly products of course! Many of the products on the market today aren't actually chemical-free and green like they claim. In fact, there are only minor regulations on products claiming they are safe or environmentally friendly. When you turn their product bottle over and find even one ingredient you can’t pronounce then you can rest assured, it is hazardous. Eco-friendly products should only have real natural Ingredients. A few natural ingredients that will do the trick to clean and sanitize your home include vinegar, baking soda, salt, a bit of alcohol, and even water.

I know how firsthand how hard it is to trust these products. That's why I've developed our own homemade eco-friendly products for Your Conscious Cleaners. I believe by making responsible choices such as using the environment and family-friendly cleaning products, maintaining a cleansed lifestyle, and placing value on consciousness, you are contributing greatly to humanity’s involvement and protection of our precious one and only, Earth.


My main tip - be conscious, use a meditative mindset, and tap into your source of light within!

You're probably asking, "How do I do that?". Well, first you need to know what it all means.

  • Conscious: Aware of one's own existences, sensations, thoughts, and surroundings. Fulling being in the present moment.

  • Meditative Mind-Set: Aware of any activity that is free from any other distractions to the mind. When the mind is free from scattered thoughts and the activity in the mind is reduced to one.

  • Tap into Your Source of Light Within is just going within and knowing there is a power there.

3 Steps To Go Even Deeper When Cleaning:

  1. Before you start cleaning take a moment to release any tension you may have within you and your aura. A great way to release tension is to do something physical. For this case here is something easy and quick to do; just shaking your body and really shaking it out. I promise this will do the trick.

  2. Clear your mind from scattered thoughts. This is really what being conscious and having a meditative mindset is all about. You can make it as basic as you would like or as in-depth as you would like. The best way to achieve this is having a daily practice of meditation. One of my favorites, and a very common way is to simply focus on your breath. There are so many ways to meditate. I recommend you to explore and find what best fits you. The more you practice meditating and being aware of your existence, sensations, thoughts, and surroundings, the better your conscious and meditative mindset you will have in your daily life.

  3. Now that you have released any tension and have a clear mind, it's time to tap into your source of light within. While you are cleaning, you can use this source to help with any intentions you may have to go even deeper when cleaning your home. For example: Affirmations - Bring in love, light, clarity, serenity, abundance, creativity, laughter, and happiness. Manifestation - Something you would like to manifest in your life, such as travailing, a new relationship, a new job. Releasing - Clear negative and unwanted energy.

As you can see the sky is the limit. So you're probably asking, "How can I practice these principles?" There are many ways, here are some of my favorite methods.

  1. Praying and asking for help, and or repeating a positive prayer.

  2. Singing or saying a positive mantra (You can use one that pre-exists, or make one up).

  3. Hold in your mind's eye a vision of what you want to bring in, and what you are releasing (always with emotion and faith).


  • Have all your supplies and equipment in a carrying case.

  • Start at the back of the house.

  • Begin with one room at a time, one section in a room at a time, and work from top to bottom.

  • Figure out what cleaning flow works best for you.

  • You should do a deep cleaning every 3 months, regular cleanings every month, and tidying up every week.

Cleaners San Diego

If you're interested in doing a deeper clean for your home with 100% natural and organic products but you don't have the time, Your Conscious Cleaners can help you out! Our eco-friendly, holistic cleaning services and products will give your home a deep clean, leaving your home nice and refreshed.

Many Blessings,

Your Conscious Cleaners🍃✨🤍✨🍃

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