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From Floors to Ceilings: The Comprehensive Scope of Holistic Home Cleaning

Having a clean home is a desire everyone strives for. A declutter can improve both your mental health and physical health. These benefits are maximized through holistic home cleaning.

Using eco-friendly cleaning products aims to reduce the amount of toxins, while energy-balancing techniques are used to bring serenity to homeowners long after their cleaners have left.

At Your Conscious Cleaners, we blend deep cleaning with energy cleaning to create the perfect living environment. Deep cleaning tackles dirt, while energy cleaning clears negativity and toxicity.

Floor Cleaning Techniques and Tips

Whether you live in a shoes-on or shoes-off household, keeping your floors free from debris and stains is in your best interest.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Method for Your Flooring Type

Different types of flooring require different cleaning techniques:

  • Hardwood floors should be swept or mopped at least once a week, and deep cleaned once a month. Use mopping wipes, Pine-Sol, or eco-friendly mopping solutions.

  • For tile floors, a weekly mop, sweep, or vacuum is recommended to remove debris. To clean up spills, use a cloth.

  • Carpet floors require regular vacuuming weekly. For stains, use carpet-specific stain removers to prevent damage. You should invest in a steam-clean at least once a year.

  • Laminate floors may require the most cleaning, as many recommend bi-weekly mopping. Make sure to buy specific cleaning products, and use non-abrasive mops to prevent scratching.

Effective Strategies for Stain Removal

With years of experience under our belt, the cleaners at Your Conscious Cleaners know how to remove stains effectively.

From mud tracks to pet stains, thousands of different things leave your floors dirty.

Your first step when dealing with stains should be to treat them immediately. Wipe up liquid spills from hardwood and tile floors, and blot carpets to remove most of whatever you spilled.

  • Spilled drinks (like coffee or wine): For the carpet, blot the liquid with a mixture of water, dish soap, and white vinegar. For hardwood floors, use a mopping solution or diluted hydrogen peroxide.

  • Mud: For the carpet, let the mud completely dry and use water and dish soap to blot the stain. For hardwood, also let it dry completely and use a mopping solution.

  • Pet stains: For carpet, use a laundry stain remover and water, or designated pet stain removal products. You can also use white vinegar and water, and then apply diluted laundry detergent. For hardwood, use hydrogen peroxide and water.

Cleanliness of Walls and Surfaces

Sticky countertops and dirty walls are unpleasant and embarrassing, especially with guests coming over.

Effective Techniques for Wall Cleaning

No matter what’s covering your walls, cleaning wallpaper and painting are similar processes.

You should use non abrasive and non bleach products. Instead, opt for eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Dust your walls before getting started and test a small spot, preferably in a corner or unnoticeable spot. This way, you can test your solution to make sure it won’t stain or discolor your walls.

For the cleaning solution, use a simple solution of water, dish soap, and vinegar. If your walls are particularly dirty, add some hydrogen peroxide.

Be sure to use soft cloths to prevent scratching your walls.

For pesky stains, use baking soda and water, stain removers, or magic erasers. If you have wallpaper, there might be specific instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Surface Specific Cleaning Strategies

Start cleaning all of your surfaces by wiping off crumbs and dusting.

Use dish soap or material-specific cleaners, with microfiber cloths to clean the surface, followed by a rinse and dry with water and a dry cloth.

Always disinfect your countertops, especially if people in your household are sick. To disinfect, use bleach on granite countertops and disinfecting spray on laminate, marble, and stainless steel.

Follow these steps when removing stains from different kinds of surfaces:

  • On wood, use a lemon and table salt solution to scrub the stain. Finish by rinsing with water and white vinegar.

  • For marble, granite, and stainless steel, use a combination of baking soda and water, and rinse with warm water. If the stain lingers, cover the stain with the solution and leave it overnight.

Still having trouble removing stains? Check out our home cleaning services!

Source: Home Depot

Deep Cleaning Ceilings and Ventilation System

The air we breathe often carries diseases, making proper ventilation important to our health. Your air quality can make you ill, spreading dirt and dust around, and triggering allergies.

Dust your ceiling fans, light fixtures, and vents regularly with dusters or microfiber cloths to maintain premium air quality.

Deep Dive into Holistic Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products contain harsh and abrasive chemicals that are harmful to us. They cause headaches and allergies, potentially hurting your children and pets.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to switch over to eco-friendly cleaning products.

With hundreds of non-toxic cleaning products already currently on the market, from multi-surface cleaners to grout cleaners, a quick search will help you find the best cleaning products for your needs.

Perhaps you can be creative and make your own holistic cleaning products.

Here are some combinations:

  • For all-purpose cleaners, combine vinegar, baking soda, and hot water in a spray bottle.

  • For window cleaners, use vinegar, water, and liquid laundry detergent.

  • For wood floors, make a combination of olive oil, vinegar, and lemon juice, or vinegar and water.

  • For stainless steel surfaces, dissolve baking soda in water.

Tips for Space Organization During Holistic Cleaning of Home

If you’ve wiped down your walls, disinfected your surfaces, dusted, and mopped but your house still feels dirty, it’s time for a declutter.

Decluttering Techniques for Every Room

Within every room, start by categorizing the mess and working through each category.

For example, in your bedroom, start with picking up all of the trash, moving on to items like dirty dishes, then items that don’t belong in that room, and then laundry.

For every other room, regularly go through each one and identify the items you haven’t used lately. Consider their value, and if you will use them soon. If not, donate them!

You can get your kids involved, especially if you're decluttering their rooms or toys. Ask them to help pick out items they want to keep or get rid of, and try to make it fun.

With home offices or areas where you have important and sentimental photos or documents, consider scanning and uploading those items to a hard drive or the cloud.

Decluttering shouldn’t be a one-time thing. It’s normal to have stuff accumulate, which is why you should organize at least twice a year. Let the process inform your future purchases.

Creating Efficient Storage Solutions

Determining how to store all your belongings is the next challenge.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Invest in storage bins that you’re comfortable with having in drawers or out on countertops.

  • Use shelve organizers and dividers in your kitchen to separate your cooking materials.

  • Install or make a shoe storage shelf or cart for your closet. Alternatively, invest in one that hangs from your door to make room for storage on the floor.

Establishing Daily and Weekly Cleaning Routines

No one wants to come home from a long day of work and have to clean. But, coming home to a messy space isn’t pleasant either.

Develop a cleaning routine that fits your schedule. This might mean tidying up spaces daily, a task that should take about 10 minutes, and wiping down your countertops.

On the weekends, focus on sweeping, mopping, and disinfecting.

Once you create a regular schedule, the mess won’t be as big and it’ll take less time to complete the needed tasks.

Ask your kids and family to help out. Raising responsible kids who know how to vacuum and do dishes is important.

However, if you find you’re just too busy, don’t worry, we get it. Call in the professionals and learn more about the home cleaning services we offer.

Sustainable Practices in Home Cleaning

Using eco-friendly products is one way to demonstrate sustainability through your cleaning process.

When decluttering, donate or repurpose your items instead of letting them sit in a landfill.

Ditch the paper towels and invest in good quality microfiber cloths and sponges to reduce your paper waste. When you’re done cleaning, toss the clothes right in the laundry.

Bottom Line

If you’ve been noticing a depletion of energy and an increase in stress and illness, it’s probably time to clean your house. A monthly deep clean and weekly routine cleanings can improve your mental and physical health.

Don’t forget to pay attention to all areas of your home, restoring its physical and energy cleanliness.

Interested in finding someone to help you start your holistic cleaning journey? Request a free cleaning consultation today!


What is holistic cleaning?

Holistic home cleaning involves cleaning both the physical and energetic realms of your home to aid your well-being.

Can I make my own cleaning solutions?

Yes! There are a lot of different recipes online for specific solutions, but using water-diluted vinegar is a great all-purpose cleaner.

How do I make my cleaning practices sustainable?

Using homemade cleaning solutions is one way to increase your sustainability. You can use reusable cloths and sponges, and reduce your waste by donating and repurposing items.

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