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How To Uplift Your Home With Holistic Cleansing

Holistic Cleansing

Well first, do you feel like you can’t ever fully relax, or focus while at home? Do you ever sense foreign energy, tension, or heaviness, causing you to feel tired, unmotivated, or even stressed?

This could be the result of exposure to negative, stagnant, or unstable energy that gets carried into the home. At Your Conscious Cleaners, we holistically uplift the energy of your home and cleanse your space using the 5 elements.

We give your home close, detailed attention during the physical cleaning, and then go a step farther by raising the vibration and balancing the energy. We do this by performing a cleansing ritual at the end of your service using the 5 elements:

AIR: Bring flow into your home!

FIRE: Purify your home!

EARTH: Clear your home!

SOUND: Bring balance into your home!

WATER: Renew your home!

We are very pleased to share these ancient tools in turning your home into a sanctuary.

The elements pertain to all areas of our lives, and when we see the deeper meaning and the connection we have to them, we can harness their qualities and power to enhance our life experience. The cleansing process itself takes about 15 minutes for an average-size home. Starting at the point farthest away from the front door, and working our way back towards it in a clockwise direction; we are mindful to bring in loving and light energy.


Now, let’s explain the 5 elements and what they do. This is also the order we’ll use to do the cleansing process.

The Air Element

The Air Element

Air is an essential element for breath. Breath is an essential action for all life on Earth. It’s no surprise that using Air is one of the most important elements and the first we use in cleansing your home, it’s also one of the easiest. Before we start cleaning, we open a couple of windows throughout your home to allow the natural breeze to flow fresh air in and stagnant air out. We focus our intention on the energy flowing throughout your home to deepen this cleansing. Your home is Flowing!

The Fire Element

The Fire Element

Fire alone has a purifying effect as it burns away all energetic and physical properties that it comes in contact with. In the heart of your home, we light your YCC candle. The Fire creates light and smoke, a magical and mystical force that can travel and cleanse every area of your home. We allow it to continue purifying (burning) while we complete the following cleansing elements. It’s important to respect the power of Fire. It can cleanse but it can also destroy. So we are

extra careful when using fire in your home. Your home is Purified!

The Earth Element

The Earth Element

Bring in the Earth elements by using herbs, crystals, stones, shells, and salt. These elements can clear out unwanted energy. In many ancient cultures, herbs were burned in the ritual cleansing of physical space, objects, or individuals. The idea is that by burning certain herbs in a space, the smoke generated attaches to the negative energy, and as the smoke dissipates, so does the negative energy. Before starting our ritual, we cleanse ourselves by fanning the smoke around our bodies to clear our aura. The remaining elements for the cleansing procedures are best performed by creating a clockwise circle following the inside walls of your home, starting in the room farthest from the front door. We do a slow circular motion with the burner and keep a positive mindset.

Crystals stones

Crystals, stones, shells, and salt are some earth elements that can also be used in the cleansing process. These special earth elements can really uplift your home. We can do this by placing them in the four corners of your house or by pouring a small amount of sea salt on the soil of a potted plant and letting it sit while we’re cleaning. This way the salt can absorb any unwanted energies. Your home is Clear!

The Sound Element

The Sound Element

All of existence is made up of different frequencies of vibration. By using the sound of your Tibetan Bells, commonly called “Ting-Sha Bells”, we’re able to cleanse and balance areas that other cleansing methods can’t reach. We use Tibetan bells because they have been used for centuries to clear out stagnant and unwanted energies. We can also use a drum, a rattle, a singing bowl, clapping, other types of bells, or even just our voice. From the starting point, we use our sound tool in its appropriate way in each room. We pause and let the vibration fade away fully before moving to the next room.

Your home is Balanced!

The Water Element

The Water Element

Water is formless and shapeless. Water is made up of energy and is changed by thoughts, words, and vibrations. Water has the power to wash away and renew. Like a flowing river, moving water is an important element for cleansing away energetic debris. Your Cleansing Spray begins with consciously treated purified water. We then infuse it with essential oils that will restore, bring in light, and leave your senses mesmerized. It is enhanced with specifically chosen crystals to raise the vibrational frequencies and bring in healing qualities. From the starting point, we mist each room and complete the circle. Your home is Renewed!

The Closing

The mind only hears and feels the vibration of what we say and focus upon. It is vital to focus and affirm the belief in what we want as if it is already actualized.

The vibrations of our words carry with them great power. Everything we hear and say creates our life experience! Affirmations are an easy and effective way to do this. The affirmation below is the official 5 Element Cleansing Affirmation. We read the affirmation out loud and blow out the candle.

Universal Light,

Thank you for filling this space with love, light, clarity, serenity, abundance, creativity, laughter, and happiness. Harmony now fills this space and surrounds this space. Peace prevails now and always.


Your home is now a Sanctuary!


Holistic Cleansing is more than just uplifting a space.

Holistic Cleansing

It’s the recognition of everything as a whole. We believe there is more than just material reality and that all things are truly connected. There is much more going on than our eyes can perceive, and science continues to explain that through countless studies and research. We believe by taking this holistic approach to our services, we are changing the vibration of the world, one home at a time.

Are you ready to treat yourself and your home to a Holistic Cleaning Service?

We can set you up a phone consultation that is quick and easy.

Do you have more questions about our services and methods?

We’d love to talk with you about how our cleaning services can help give you peace of mind, knowing your home will be cared for by Your Conscious Cleaners.

Sending many blessings,

Your Conscious Cleaners


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