Why Holistic Cleaning is Important?

In the modern western world, where would we be without our advancements in antiseptics and antibiotics? These two major scientific contributions to society have had profound results indicative in the way we live our lives, our diets, and our average life spans. Although, as a result of these incredible scientific advancements, some of the more ancient practices in health have been shuffled to the back of the line and nearly forgotten until recently. Holistic practices for a majority of the western world during the 20th century were regarded by many as a pseudoscience and by others, snake oil and charlatanism. Could it be possible that we’ve lost touch with our roots and some of these primitive yet fundamental health practices? I believe so!

For countless centuries health practitioners have treated ailments with a holistic approach. Holistic by definition means “emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.” The idea behind this approach towards healthfulness is that instead of diagnosing an ailment or illness and treating the various symptoms, a drawn back view of the patient is taken and assessed and the prognosis is given to the whole. The intentions behind this style of treatment were mostly about finding a cure. I'd like to share here an interesting fact: Hippocrates, known as the "Father of the medicine" and creator of the Hippocratic oath, which modern medical practitioners take a revised version of today, relied on the use of astrological natal charts when diagnosing patients. That's right, it's true! He consulted the stars! Not only were natal charts a factor back in the day, cleanliness since ancient times has been seen as a prohibitor of illness and not just physically clean, but spiritually clean (or energetically clean) as well.

Besides a lack of exercise or poor choices in our nutrition that can be the cause of inflammation, often our environment, daily dietary choices in entertainment, extracurricular activities, and where we focus our thoughts overall, can have a drastic effect upon our health. As my father once eloquently said to me “put crap in, get crap out.” Today many more people are waking up to these facts. Hence the growing interest in organic sustainable food sources and farming, mental health, naturopathy, Ayurvedic medicines, and Yoga practice. It’s often said that we’re a product of our environments and I like to sometimes compare the mess in our lives to the mess in our homes. In order to better treat some of our stresses in our lifestyle, instead of quitting our job because we dislike our bosses or finding a new relationship because it bothers us how our partner flosses their teeth, it’s sometimes best to first assess the overall condition of ourselves and our household, and view this as an extension of ourselves.

Built up resentments can often be trapped in our surroundings and keep us looking at life through the same lens. Not to say, if your boss treats you poorly, you should just tough it out, but it can often be helpful to first take an honest self assessment before we react emotionally to an unsettling situation. Sometimes that can easily be done by simply changing our general surroundings. If there is clutter and messes built up around the home, or toothpaste caked in our sinks and water stains on our shower doors, this visual detritus may seem minute but can often have subtle effects on our subconscious, which build up over time. In turn, this can lead to uncomfortable and overwhelming psychological stress.

The importance of holistically cleaning in the home, is that it not only changes the way your home looks physically, it changes it’s feeling energetically, which in time can have a highly beneficial effect on how you feel emotionally and physically. Simply starting the morning ritual of making our beds every day can set the tone for how the rest of our day will play out. By completing such a seemingly mundane task like bed making, we cultivate a feeling of accomplishment and completion for the foundation of our day. This very basic practice of holism has been proven to have positive effects in our life. While we’re at it, if we are going to simply clean our homes, why would anyone want to use toxic chemicals that could be potentially damaging to our health? Did you realize that even antibacterial products can result in negative effects on our health?

According to a study on “Evidence suggests that the use of antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaning products – particularly in combination with the over-prescription of antibiotics – may produce strains of multi-resistant organisms.” Switching from a bleaching agent, to an effective oil based cleanser will keep out the bad germs while retaining the good germs! Yes, if you didn’t already know, there are good germs! Our bodies are an ecosystem for a vast civilization of healthy germs that keep us safe when they’re provided with a healthy organism to thrive on. So next time you’re thinking about washing yourself in antibacterial soap, remember that you're wiping out a population of healthy bacteria that keep your immune system strong and opt for a product that’s holistic and nurturing to your mind, body and spirit.


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